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Josh DWH Lets Us Know Its Time To "Up The Price"

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Bronx-bred artist, Josh DWH delivers some slick-talk and a couple wisdom bars over a horn sample and a boom-bap drum loop on his latest single "Up the Price." Even though its got a definitive Golden-Era NYC vibe to it, Josh delivers a hook perfect for today's social media society, spitting "...Could give a fuck what you do for 'likes.' It ain't a secret; go tell em' I'm bout to up the price. They throwing shade; but trust me baby I see the light. It took way too many nights for me to get right." This is a cold track and the video, while simple, is quite well done and matches the song perfectly. This joint definitely deserves a view, a save, a download, a share, or whatever else you wanna do with it. It's dope. Catch Josh DWH before he ups the price again and stream all his music and follow on social to stay in tune with his movement.

Written by: @itskirbs804

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