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When K Sinatra and Farma Wes Drop, "GTFOTW"

Every great artist has a superpower. Nas can harness the power of imagery to teleport you to blocks you've never been on. Kanye is a master chemist who, with the right blend of elements, can turn a man into a god. In my opinion, the most impressive power one can wield is the ability to travel through time. K Sinatra and Farma Wes do exactly that in their recent collaboration, GTFOTW.

To press play on the visual, filmed by 6ix Shoota and edited by TheClassicLP, is to take a vacation from the commonly used cadences and textures that permeate today's sound. In addition to complimenting the soundscape perfectly, this visual rolls out the red carpet for the years of chemistry that exists between the two artists.

To sound different is easy. To emancipate oneself from the programming of today in a way that is digestible enough to inspire an audience is true success. In hitting that mark, Sinatra and Wes continue to make music that outlives time itself.

Stream the music on Spotify and Apple Music. Follow the artists on Instagram @kevinsinatra7 & @FamelCarter

Written by Geronimo // @ScreamGeronimo (IG) / @ScreamGeronimoo (Twitter)

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