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5 Indie Artists Kaytranada Needs To Collab With Right Now

Producer Kaytranada creates so many sounds that fit with so many different from funky-sounding synths, electronic sounds, vintage house sounds, along with disco to club-like records. Kaytranada's productions are danceable yet off-balance. Every song is a groove when Kaytranada's on the production. He's worked with talented artists like Pharrell Williams, Masego, Thundercat & recently dropped a collaboration album with IDK. With that being said, here are 5 indie artists we'd love to see work one on one with Kaytranada.

1. Iniko

Their lyrics speak to your soul throughout every track. Iniko gives us music that reminds you to be aware, thankful, and open to receiving from higher powers. It's refreshing to have the enlightened confidence Iniko exudes through their music. Iniko gained popularity through Tik Tok a couple of months back for their track The King's Affirmations, which is full of positive sayings to encourage listeners and Iniko's self-development in this world. Iniko's bold vows would fit perfectly with a calm Kaytranada production.

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DJ TAA TUU SWÉ and Kaytranada collaborating on an instrumental or mix would be breathtaking. SWÉ's mixes and instrumentals can check off many genres across the board. His sounds will take you back to those original Chicago House roots but will keep you up to date with vocals from popular songs. You can find Vaporwave, Ballroom, and R&B inspirations throughout his discography. In his edit of Janet Jackson's Go Deeper, gives a perfect example of all the genres TAA TUU SWÉ uses in just one track. There would many more sounds to be discovered with a production featuring him and Kaytranada.

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Stream DJ TAA TUU SWÉ Here.

3. Tennishu

From Jazz to Funk, Tennishu's lyrics and productions will reel you in quickly. He's already mastered playing live instruments like the Saxophone and Trumpet which just add to his flavor. It's interesting to hear a more lyrical/rapping approach to live string and drum sounds. Tennishu's coarse inflections along with Kaytranada's hazy productions would make the perfect unwinding track. His song, From Me To You, is a flawless example of how Tennishu's words and rhythm compliment the productions (which could be his, Tennishu produces too).

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4. Boris The Lucid

Boris The Lucid reflects on his inner feelings and makes it sound poetic. If there's a line between feel-good tracks and tracks filled with vulnerable lyrics, Boris would be right in the middle of it. He also pitches his voice differently in certain tracks to add a different feel. His voice may be soft but he can switch that up in a matter of seconds just like Kaytranada does in his productions. On his track, I Will, his voice smoothly rides the ethereal instrumental while being pitched up and down throughout, tastefully.

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Stream Boris The Lucid Here.

5. Kenshi Killzzz

Her voice brings comfort and peace to tracks. Kenshi Killzzz has a soothing soul that exudes through her voice. Kenshi's lyrics are honest and clear, but you get a sense of calmness from it all including the productions. On her track Quiet Paradise, she expresses her own personal paradise, understanding life and how you don't need a bunch of material things to find peace. Kaytranada would produce the perfect sound to meet Kenshi Killzzz angelic voice.

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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