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L0veaca Is a "B4RNSTAR" On Latest EP!

L0veaca is an alternative rap artist who is making money moves in LA! He recently dropped a six-track EP titled B4RNSTAR, where he has fun and shows his personality on top of eclectic and fast-paced beats.

I will say that this genre of music is a relatively new avenue being explored, so there are so many directions and concepts to take it. It's hard to find a project that is this high quality yet authentic and raw.

My two favorite songs have to be Way Too Iced and Drain Gang. His confidence really shined on these two tracks and I loved his fun ad-libs that helped to elevate the tracks. This is definitely a project that grows on you more over time, as I saw myself enjoying it more the second time listening.

"I really got rich off some fucking gelato" - L0veaca

It is clear to see that L0veaca is paving his own lane of music and he isn't concerned with what others think! He truly is a B4RNSTAR after all! Check out his project below and stay tuned for more from L0veaca.



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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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