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Mickey Factz Talks In A "Candid" Way On Newest Single

Mickey Factz latest single starts off with an audio clip of the importance of happiness and finding a purpose in life. For Mickey, what makes him happy is rapping, and he's really good at it. The three-minute song feels like a mini-documentary of how Mickey evolved from his mistakes and how rapping kept him centered during the times when he would stare past his reflection in the mirror to find the missing flame that made him live. Not only does Mickey focus on finding the flame for his passions, he makes clever money references where he realizes that what makes him happy is also something to put food on his plate. He states that his first vice is dollars and how being an artist is a never-ending career that can either be a burden or a blessing based on how one keeps himself balanced during the down times. The production by Baltimore Robinson compliments the theme of the song. TheMSQShop alum does a fantastic job in painting the struggles and successes of being an indie artist. You can stream the song on all streaming platforms and on Spotify.

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Instagram: @mickey.factz

Twitter: @MickeyFactz

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media

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