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New Rory and Mal's, New Deal

Oct. 14th, 2021 – This morning, the New Rory and Mal podcast had the timeline in a chokehold with the announcement of their new deal and the show’s Nov. 2nd return, via an interview conducted by Nicholas Quah, for Vulture. The announcement stated that Rory Farrell and Jamil ‘Mal’ Clay, would be taking their talents to SiriusXm’s subsidiary, Stitcher and will be dropping the biweekly episodes through Stitcher’s new label More Sauce, all while maintaining 100% ownership of their product. The latter, being one of the most important aspects of the fight with their previous employer, that ultimately would be the reason why they got fired, after they had quit.

It was initially reported in June of 2021 that the podcast’s veteran hosts had signed with thirty5 Ventures, a production company owned by Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman. The “Job Hunt” skit that dropped about a week after what fans might call the initial episode, entitled “The Response,” tapped into the prowess of Rory and Mal’s ability to create, that they both felt was previously being marginalized, which they explained in the Vulture interview. The skits were a sign of things to come and only heated up more after the episode they filmed from Belly’s house. Letting the zingers fly about their previous situation, all comedy style of course, the guys had seemingly been successful in their job hunt and started settling into weekly, Friday drops. After “The Response,” in which Rory and Mal made it clear that from there they wanted to leave the subject of their very public departure alone, the pod wouldn’t start up regularly until about June.

The October 1st episode is the last episode they aired and announced there would be a future announcement about the future of the pod and how they would be taking off the month of October to reset. All of this coupled with the fact that, just a few days before the Vulture interview dropped, Rory and Mal would be dipping their toes into what a live tour of the pod might look like, with tickets going on sale for two live shows, happening in New York and LA. This is something that I am stoked about!

This write up intentionally did not mention Rory and Mal’s previous employer, but if you are curious to see how that situation publicly imploded and weren’t rocking with the guys throughout the years to know the story, the Vulture article does a decent job summarizing the fallout. To really understand the depths of it, you’re going to have to listen to about 200 episodes of the podcast.

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