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Tiny Desk is a concert series by NPR where artists perform intimately accompanied by a live band. They play a tiny show at the desk of All Songs Considered host, Bob Boilen. Artists usually perform on stages, with huge crowds, sometimes it can even be hard to hear them. Tiny Desk gives you a more personal feel. It's like the artist is performing in your living room. Anderson Paak, Adele, T-Pain, and Paramore are just a handful of artists that have performed on Tiny Desk. Here are a few artists we'd love to see on Tiny Desk:

1. Sean King

(photo by shotbynoves)

You can tell he has an upbeat personality just by his lyrics. Goofy but brilliant. Sean King always knows how to fill a room with a positive vibe. Easily switching from harmonic melodies to lyrical but tasteful raps, Sean would really make you feel comfortable while he performs and even cracks a joke in between songs. His song, Negro Will Grow shows the playful yet chill approach he has to his music.

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2. Quoyah

You can hear the Gospel, R&B, Jazz, and Rock roots that Quoyah's voice has to offer. Soulful and earthy, she can fill the whole room with her voice. Quoyah's strong suit is poetry, and that definitely can be heard throughout her lyrics. On her track, Sleep Well she expresses her confidence in herself and how others might not understand. Quoyah's poetic words are strong and if she was on Tiny Desk, she'd fill the room with her calming presence.

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3. Sap Evans

Sap Evans has inflections in his voice like no other, along with the rhythmic beats and clever lyrics. On any beat you throw at him, his flow remains razor sharp. Throughout Sap's songs, he uses creative metaphors and similes that make his lyrical points even stronger. His song Blaster is a perfect example of his simple yet striking one-liners. Sap Evans has a calm, focused energy that carries over to his discography.

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4. Skodi

Pronounced "Scotty", Skodi ranges from Alternative to Hip-Hop and shows it in every way. You can feel her bold personality through her lyrics and videos. Skodi easily takes over whatever beat she is given and makes it hers. She can be rough and rugged, or calm and playful. In her track Outerspace, it's clear that she knows how to switch up her flow mid-song. Skodi's energy in her videos and in her lyrics is unmatchable.

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5. Odd Mojo

She's odd in every sense of the word. Odd Mojo knows how to catch your ears and eyes. Her music gives you a calm yet aware vibe. Her lyrics consist of her awareness of this matrix we call Earth, along with her daily endeavors and thoughts. Mojo's song, 555, gives you an insight into her organic lifestyle and ways of thinking. Her voice is so relaxing and the whole track is something you can unwind to.

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Written by: Anaïs Stewart (@anaiis.stewart)

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