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Olumide Is On The "Road To Riches"

To get biblical, the process of discerning the real from the realistic is a matter of looking at the fruit that one bears. By those metrics, Olumide is as real as they come.

The PG County representative's career of work ethic and diligence spans several years and finds the industrious young talent doing it all from frequenting The Fillmore to organizing open mic events of his own. The time taken to build his foundation is evidenced by a string of content too long to boil down in a paragraph (get caught up via his youtube).

With his formula perfected and his future looking fruitful, Olumide and the good folks over at PGN Records are closing out the summer with a bang. True to its title, Road To Riches embodies ambition and a fitting companion on the road to one's goals.

If rappers were publicly tradable entities, Olumide would most certainly be the stock to watch. Until the day comes when we can add rising artists to our portfolio, we will continue to cover the ascension.

Click here to stream Road To Riches and keep up with Olumide on all platforms.

Written by Geronimo (Instagram/Twitter)

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