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Openers Needed For Upcoming AMG Shows

Alta Music Group (AMG) is currently booking local openers for upcoming AMG shows, some of which consist of DMV venues. Visit their website to contact them regarding their upcoming shows.

Tips For Getting Booked For Shows

  • Exude Professionalism - Your brand is a business and should be presented with dignity

  • Be Concise - Your submission should give the recipient a clear idea of your brand at a quick glance. Include your social media and website. Eliminate the need for investigative work on the booking agent's end.

  • Build Your Portfolio - Seeing is believing. Clips of your previous performances will show booking agents what you're capable of. Make a habit of documenting each performance

  • Make It Count - Opportunities from performances to radio appearances are what you make of them. They are great vehicles, but it is your responsibility to fuel it! Get your fans excited about it! Create documentary-style content around it! Let this one thing lead to another.

AMG strives to work with artists who have a passion for music, the determination to grow, and the creativity to separate themselves in the music industry. Follow AMG on Twitter and Instagram.

Written by Geronimo (Instagram/Twitter)

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