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Peter $un Gives A Three-Piece Of Unreleased Demos

Peter $un releases an exclusive set of three demo tracks that didn't make it on to past and future projects. The three demo tracks can be something to give the fans unreleased content as Peter is still working on projects with Red Bull Records, which he joined last winter.

The first track, Nobody Cares, expands on how people don't care how Peter feels in particular situations along with breaking his shell in discussing his personal life. Some lines in his second verse include: "I tell my son any time we talk to please remain brave, stuck in a system that was built to kill our very own, back when my parents ain't have shit... from where my generation is slipping, I pick up the torch... most homies came from broken homes and forties on the porch. I can't be the same. Drugs drove my family down... when you're running out of friends, who you finna blame?"

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Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media

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