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Our Producer of the Week is 21-year-old producer Erjon Byqmeti, who is more commonly known by his artist name Erki. Erki is from Kosovo, Prishtine in Balkan, and he prides himself on his hometown! Erki has been making music since 2019. His sound can be described as hip-hop as well as techno/electronic music. You can tell Erki is a hustler through and through, no matter what he does! One of his notable production credits comes from his work with C Plus on his project Tenured. Aside from producing, Erki is also a part of a rapper duo with J.I.M.!

Vy: How did you come up with your artist name "Erki"?

Erki: This nickname is from my hood. They've called me Erki since I was nine years old.

Vy: Who/what inspired you to start making beats?

Erki: My brother Neron found my talent when I was 10 years old. He is one of the main reasons that I started to do music and he really inspires me so much. My lifestyle also inspires me to make music and I love the idea that I can make a change with my music.

Vy: What advice would you give to producers that are just starting out?

Erki: I want to say to all producers that you can make music even if you don't know music theory. I've produced like 100 tracks or more without knowing music theory, so don't let it stop you.

Vy: Name a fun fact about you!

Erki: A fun fact about me is that I will mass produce 30 beats in one day, then I won't make music again for 2-3 days.

Vy: Lastly, what are some projects that you have coming up in the future? Leave your last words for the readers!

Erki: I would like to give thanks to two of my professors who really support me. They are Tomor & Dren. My goal is to bring a new sound to the music industry. With that, I am helping my artist J.I.M: We got an album coming soon titled Sippin Season!

I loved being able to interview Erki because he is such a determined and motivated individual! He's paving his own way for success, and I could feel his passion through the screen! Be sure to check out Erki's work below and stay tuned for our next Producer of the Week!




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