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Our Producer of the Week is 21 year old producer Quinton Pierce (aka PierceNoPaul) from Petersburg, Virginia. PierceNoPaul originally started his musical journey as a self taught drummer. He then later migrated to teaching himself how to produce on top of that. He has been seriously producing for 5 years now, and about 4 months ago he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Recording Arts at Full Sail University!

Vy: How did you get into producing?

PierceNoPaul: It really started from me being bored and curious. I would listen to the music on the radio, and I always wondered, "What would my version of certain songs sound like?" When I got my first iPhone, I downloaded an app called MusicStudio and started making beats for fun. My friends would tell me to keep going and take it seriously whenever I showed them what I made. Eventually, I ended up downloading FL Studio on my first laptop and did what I was told to do!

Vy: Briefly describe your sound.

PierceNoPaul: I have a melodic sound with punchy drums. Since I'm a drummer, my "signature sound" is putting percussion sounds in the background to add bounce.

"If it isn't bouncy, it's not my beat." - PierceNoPaul

Vy: What inspires you when making beats?

PierceNoPaul: Listening to my favorite producers and artists inspires me a lot. I'll always catch an idea when hearing their work. Their music is something new & different, and that inspires me to make music the same way.

Vy: What is your work process like when building a beat?

PierceNoPaul: Before I sit in front of the screen, I make sure I feed myself & have my ideas fresh in my mind. While making music, I just let my creativity and mind run free on its own. If I like what I added, I'll keep it. If not, I'll save it for something else.

Vy: What is one fun fact about you?

PierceNoPaul: I will gladly listen to my friends' music and my own before I listen to any mainstream artist. Supporting them is more important to me.

Vy: Adding onto your previous answer, who are three independent artists that you've been listening to on repeat lately?

PierceNoPaul: Some artists that I've been listening to include FINAOthaDON, DooCozy & BashfortheWorld.

Vy: Who are some of your dream artists to produce for?

PierceNoPaul: I'd love to produce for artists such as JID, Lil Yatchy, and Young Nudy. I really want to be a part of DJ Khaled's and Metro Boomin's projects as well.

Vy: Lastly, do you have any new or upcoming projects you'd like to talk about?

PierceNoPaul: Yes! I'm currently producing an EP for one of my favorite underground artists. There's no release date on that yet though.

I'm also starting to work on my own "DJ Khaled" type of album. No estimated date for that yet either, but I will definitely keep everyone updated when the time comes!


It was truly a pleasure getting to know PierceNoPaul through this interview! It's amazing to see how he is both chill and laidback yet motivated and ambitious. You can't put a time limit on perfection, and PierceNoPaul knows that better than anyone else. I love how he works at his own pace and makes sure to take care of himself above everything. Like he said, stay tuned for his future projects as well as our next Producer of the Week!



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Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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