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PRODUCER OF THE WEEK: Jarren "JetMuzik" Thompson

Our Producer Of The Week is Jarren "JetMuzik" Thompson: a drummer, beat-maker, and music producer from Richmond, Virginia! He's been producing for over twelve years, so he is clearly well versed in the game. It's been a minute since we've highlighted an RVA native, so I'm extremely excited to get to know who JetMuzik is!

Vy: How did you begin your journey as a producer?

JetMuzik: I started out as a drummer, and as time and opportunities progressed I slowly started making beats. I got more serious around 2010 after signing to a local label and working full time as an in-house engineer/producer. From there I gained some traction in the local scene as well as online where I was able to connect with a number of artists and producers from around the world.

Vy: What are some of your greatest accomplishments since becoming a producer?

JetMuzik: I have accomplished a lot in my 12 years as a beatmaker ranging from multiple independent artist placements and TV placements on multiple networks and shows since 2011. Now in 2022 I have over 50 tracks in my discography streaming, signed an Artist Agreement with Image-Line, and currently, I am branching out with my own Apparel Brand titled ThatsFly Apparel™.

Vy: What is your "why" in doing what you do?

JetMuzik: If I had to say why I do this, it's something deep down inside of me that will forever just want to express myself through sound as well as being able to inspire others. It keeps me grinding and wanting to get better every day.

JetMuzik has produced for a variety of artists throughout his career such as Chriss Zoe, Loose Voltage, Deaudrick Williams, and more! His producing style and sound are unique in each project he puts out, further proving his versatility as a beat-maker. Be sure to check out his beats for sale and his clothing line! We can't wait to see more from Jarren "JetMuzik" Thompson!



Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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