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Pure Knowledge Confronts YOUR Fears With "Avoidance"

Richmond's own Pure Knowledge tugs on the heartstrings with his newest track, Avoidance. A beat of angelic singing, glittery synths, and a fluttery bassline set the tone for a song that feels like flying through the clouds and looking down on your own past.

Pure Knowledge creates an atmosphere of bittersweet nostalgia, encouraging the listener to reflect on how their actions affect others and to think about the things in life we avoid for fear of getting hurt. As he repeats throughout the song, "You can't know somebody, 'til you know their pain."

From the Artist:

"The song discusses topics involving self-doubt, inability to trust, and overall themes of avoidance in friendships and relationships. I hope to become more vulnerable, giving the listener a sense of relatability." -Pure Knowledge

Stream Avoidance here and follow Pure Knowledge on Instagram @pure_knowledge

Make sure to check out his YouTube channel here for his many other visuals as well.

Posted by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all social media.

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