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Rental Chairs, Bad News Lady, and Why Wild'n Out Is Essential To Hip Hop Culture

Nick Cannon. Rap. Gigalo. Mariah Carey. Baby Mamas. Okay, boom. We got all the other stuff out of the way. The real discussion of Wild'n Out is so much deeper than the typical jokes. So, even though their story starts years ago when MTV and Nick Cannon partnered for this venture - but THIS story starts when I made my way to the Virginia Beach Amphitheater.

It was the first vacation my girl and I have had together - away from the kids - since my youngest son was conceived. So almost two years including her pregnancy. I was ready for a good time. I was ready to let loose, laugh and enjoy being around people doing the same.

What I didn't expect besides having to rent lawn chairs - small price to pay for an amazing time - was how this experience would open my eyes to something I thought I'd never say... Nick Cannon is important to Hip Hop.

Let me clarify my statement further before the haters come for my neck. I've never been a huge Nick Cannon rap fan. Outside of Drumline and Wild'n Out I can't tell you much about him as a creative. But hear me out - what he's created with his cast members is nothing less than spectacular. We often overlook a lot of its value due to the jokes and overall high energy of every episode but I am here to state Wild'n Out is essential to Hip Hop Culture.