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Rental Chairs, Bad News Lady, and Why Wild'n Out Is Essential To Hip Hop Culture

Nick Cannon. Rap. Gigalo. Mariah Carey. Baby Mamas. Okay, boom. We got all the other stuff out of the way. The real discussion of Wild'n Out is so much deeper than the typical jokes. So, even though their story starts years ago when MTV and Nick Cannon partnered for this venture - but THIS story starts when I made my way to the Virginia Beach Amphitheater.

It was the first vacation my girl and I have had together - away from the kids - since my youngest son was conceived. So almost two years including her pregnancy. I was ready for a good time. I was ready to let loose, laugh and enjoy being around people doing the same.

What I didn't expect besides having to rent lawn chairs - small price to pay for an amazing time - was how this experience would open my eyes to something I thought I'd never say... Nick Cannon is important to Hip Hop.

Let me clarify my statement further before the haters come for my neck. I've never been a huge Nick Cannon rap fan. Outside of Drumline and Wild'n Out I can't tell you much about him as a creative. But hear me out - what he's created with his cast members is nothing less than spectacular. We often overlook a lot of its value due to the jokes and overall high energy of every episode but I am here to state Wild'n Out is essential to Hip Hop Culture.

The genius behind it all is you don't really get why it's vital all the time. Like how Nick has taught hardcore legendary battle rappers like Conceited, Charlie Clips and Hitman Holla how to monetize their talents outside of the crazy world of battle raps. He discovered talent like Justina Valentine who has become a crowd favorite and brought in viral sensations like Emmanuel Hudson to amplify the show's energy.

Almost every segment has rapping and segments like "Kick Em Out The Classroom" incorporates an old school vibe of freestyling and making beats on the table. The sets graffiti aesthetic takes it a step further, and as usual, nothing can operate without the irreplaceable DJ D-Wrek.

He's had numerous modern-day talents like 2 Chainz, Chance The Rapper, Lil Dicky, and even Kanye West. But I think what is truly outstanding is the love they show to the Hip Hop legends and putting them in the spotlight to shine even years after their glory days.

As I am a sitting in the lawn chairs - way way way way out there in the grass seats as Emmanuel Hudson made clear. Nick introduces none other than Petey Pablo himself. My girl was even excited. Are we at a live show or are we in a time machine? But we were excited nonetheless, I mean we came for a comedy show but we are getting to re-experience part of our youth in a major way.

As I look around, I see we aren't the only ones. All show people have been doing much more than laughing, they been dancing, and reminiscing. Taking it all in, we are part of something special. We've seen so much happen since the start of Wild'n Out from DC Fly becoming a superstar, Conceited become a meme, and every kind of Mariah/Nick joke possible. But now we are here and between "Bad News" lady (had to be there), the continued involvement of the crowd, the Virginia punchlines, and Petey Pablo's shout out to Timbaland we get to see Virginia residents take pride in our state.

Aside from the Petey performance in Virginia Beach, we have seen countless legends from Lil Jon, Big Boi, Fat Joe, Method Man, Lupe Fiasco, and many others make appearances on the platform. Nick's love for the culture is only outweighed by his actions. His team follows suit and continue to give an entertaining experience night after night - whether it's live on or on television.

I give flowers when they are due, and in this case, Nick and the cast deserve them all. Besides D.C Young Fly not being in attendance and us sitting through an hour of Nick's music videos to open the live event it was an amazing experience (had to throw my joke in there too). Once again proving, Hip Hop is for the community and Wild'n Out is for the culture. Here is to many more years of snatching wigs and endless laughs.

Written by OG ILLA

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