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Rico Bando Shows Love To His Haters On "Fuck Rico"

Rico Bando, an RVA native, raps about his internal and external conflicts on his recent single Fuck Rico. The beat itself is super chill and mellow: He utilizes a captivating guitar loop, but he manages to add his own flair to it with the bassline. With a laidback flow, catchy hook, and creative lyrics, Fuck Rico is definitely a single everyone should be bumping!

Rico said that "feeling alone despite being around so many people" inspired him to write this track. It is evident in the clap backs heard in his lyrics. He raps about "losing his soul," being "outta love," and "not putting his trust in no one just for them to do me wrong." Although the lyrics are hard-hitting, he manages to deliver it in a way that draws listeners in and makes them wanna vibe out. After giving it a listen, you'll definitely feel like you're THAT bitch!

FIND RICO BANDO ON INSTAGRAM: @ricobando.official

Stream Fuck Rico and more of Rico Bando HERE

Written By: Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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