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ryderoncrack Releases Psychedelic Hyper-rap Project With "Die Hippie Scum"

ryderoncrack is an LA-based genre-melding producer that you absolutely need to hear to fully understand. We writers can only do so much when it comes to describing sounds and dynamics that artists present. But, try as I might, your best bet to understand ryderoncrack is simply to hear him. His releases have been relatively fresh, he dropped a single Good Now, featuring the late Ryan Breaux, and his most recent work, an 11-song album, Die Hippie Scum. The project features artists such as Draft Day, Lil Gotit, Yak Gotti, MDMA, and KayCyy, who was recently featured on the deluxe edition for Kanye West's Donda.

The album's production will definitely turn heads, it is otherworldly, grounded in a psychedelic vibe but also being deeply futuristic, it's reported that Mike Dean himself even put in work on the project. The synths are space-y and are complemented by electric guitar extremely well on songs like all love & feng shui. Truly mesmerizing, from song-to-song, keeping elements of trap and modern hip-hop, as well as incorporating such ghostly and reverberating sounds. ryderoncrack would definitely have performed at Woodstock '69 if it had happened in 2021, on some modern hippie energy.

fortune cookies reminds me of Pi'erre Bourne & Travis Scott from the production to the trippy lyrics, "mind control is a helluva drug."

Songs like hellcat and perc cobain come across as more pure trap tracks, I had to even check for myself if hellcat had guest production from Wheezy, the way the percussion just hits and rolls like a boxer (spoilers, it didn't).

The album just sounds colorful. From the diversity of energies & moods explored within these 11 songs, it must be a wonder to hear live.

The vocalists bring different tempos and subject matter, each suiting the songs they are on. I could name a massive list of artists who would want to call ryderoncrack for beats, Sahbabii, Cyrax, etc, but ultimately, the music must speak for itself, and sooner rather than later, I predict more and more in the industry to recognize and respect ryderoncrack and Die Hippie Scum for the psych wonder of a project that it is. It will be on repeat in this writer's car for months to come.

Stream Die Hippie Scum on all platforms here.

Follow ryderoncrack on all socials @ryderoncrack

Written by Max Olarinde, @mobeige1 on all socials.


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