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Scream Geronimo's Latest Single "Closing Act"

Scream Geronimo manages to exemplify a perfect crescendo with his latest release, Closing Act, featuring the production of Bless1; from beginning to end there lies a constant progression of instrumentation, lyrics, and flows that leave the audience eager for more.

“I wrote this song for those working to make something with their bare hands,” explains Geronimo, an explanation that correlates with the meaning of the cover art (two hands emulating a bird making shadow puppets) as well. One of my favorite details about the track is this pattern of breaks in the beat and verse before the hook comes back in. It’s like riding a roller coaster and suddenly decreasing speed while reaching the apex of a hill - you know what’s coming next, but the moment to hold your breath makes it all the better. A feeling I’m sure Geronimo will leave in the rest of the audience as more and more of you get hip to Closing Act.

Closing Act is streaming on all music platforms.

You can find Geronmio’s socials on:

Geronimo (@screamgeronimo) • Instagram photos and videos

Geronimo (@ScreamGeronimoo) / Twitter

TikTok - @Screamgeronimomusic

Written by: Bakarii Kennedy. @therealbakarii_ on Instagram

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