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Stepping Into The Ring with KIDZ And Their "Mike Tyson Jab"

Coming off of the heavy anticipation garnered by their lead singles: HOLLYWEiRD and STFU! KIDZ released their debut project Mike Tyson Jab on November 4th. Setting the tone through a series of vlogs (See Vlog #8 on YouTube for early reactions during their listening party), music videos, and an iconic performance opening up for Pusha T - the pressure was on. Expectations were not only met, but exceeded; It is a beautifully sequenced work of art that cements the group of young stars as more than momentary.

The first half of the album is catered towards intensity - high-energy production, crowd-participating hooks, and a long-winded title that displayed their best attribute: versatility. The Sexualization of Pharrell Williams is the title, but it used to be called “Big Cl**t” is a melting pot of Hip-Hop, Jazz, hints of House, and everything in between. It features a section full of instrumentation and harmonies that should leave listeners in awe and searching for more. While this track could have easily been the favorite, the second half of the album has the qualities that give the album a complete feeling.

From 4 Da Kidz and on, the project takes a more vulnerable approach. The lyricism and emotions projected on Dad are arguably the most relatable lyrics I’ve heard in 2022’s catalog. They tackle various topics including self-love, relationships, and the price of fame with amazing vocal creativity; the project does an amazing job of meticulously blending natural vocals and autotunes to produce insane harmonies that hit even harder amidst the subject matter!

What I enjoyed the most about Mike Tyson Jab was its ability to transition. Not only in the halves of the album, but in the KIDZ showcase of shedding from their musical influences and stepping into themselves. The number of introductions to new sounds, flows, and concepts that I encountered track after track left little room for comparison to any other contemporary works. If you haven’t listened yet, don’t become a victim of F.O.M.O., unlock your inner child, step into the ring, and encounter Mike Tyson Jab.

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Written by: Bakarii Kennedy @BakariiKennedy on Twitter.

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