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The Return of EDL Fest In the 757

With shows and festivals returning, eventually, the seven cities would have the much-anticipated return of their hip-hop carnival EDL Fest. The carnival has been going strong the past few years prior to the pandemic but after over a year of no shows or special events, it's back with a bang. The two major headliners so far are Young Crazy and Al-Doms.

Young Crazy is still having a successful run for his Interstate 110 album where Timbaland was one of the bigger supporters of his music. noted in the title of the Virginia Pilot article, his album proves that Crazy can get in any bag and put on for Virginia. To learn more about the uprise of Young Crazy, watch his interview with Randy Wilson below on The Randy Wilson Podcast.

Al-Doms has been on the rise within the past few years with his eclectic rapping style. His appearance on the same platform that Benny The Butcher and Tsu Surf drop metaphors and rhyme schemes, Bars on I-95, definitely made listeners realize how volatile Al-Doms can be. With singles like Rat Race and his New Dream EP out now, his musical presence is easily recognizable and hard to duplicate.