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Who Said R&B Was Dead? Tylan’s “Without You” Proves It Lives on Through Him

Tylan is bringing back the prominence of R&B with his new single and music video for “Without You.”

Washington D.C. native Tylan came from a lineage of musical talents. From his great-grandmother who is known as the First Lady of Blues in DC, to his great-grandfather who is an established drummer, and his mother who was a singer, Tylan is also blessed with music in his genes. From his debut mixtape, My Perspective to his latest single, “Without You,” he continues to confirm that fact, delivering a song with the heart of R&B and the soul of divine vocals. Tylan takes down his walls, letting inspiration flow from his most vulnerable self, envisioning a tale of emotions and attraction to pen the romantic vibe.

“Without You” is a melodic movie and no doubt, the upcoming music video will bring the words to life through visuals. The cinematic look set within a diner captures the allure of sparks flying between Tylan and the waitress that at first plays hard to get, before giving in to his charm. It takes you back to the days where R&B music videos had you in your feelings imagining that special someone, while at the same time revolutionizing how R&B is displayed, reviving the genre to its peak. The song and visuals mesh in perfect harmony, making you feel as if you were there experiencing love bloom, drawing you into the twist that catches you off guard at the end.

Tylan lives by the mantra, “just because you can’t see anything happening, doesn’t mean God’s not working.” Every major artist has a story on how they got to where they are, and Tylan is one that will inspire a legacy his family is and will be proud of. Stream his latest single, “Without You”.

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Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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