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I didn't put myself so let me start this by saying. To make this you have to be indie in Virginia. This list is in no particular order. Just 10 of the dopest out.

Shout out everyone who is on the list. The rules for the list are, I made the list, who cares.

I have not only seen all these artist working, I've seen them in concert, talked to them, worked with them thru music or creative direction. Discovered them thru other people and word of mouth. I've shot music videos and toured with them but overall just been a fan of what they've grown over the years.

There is a lot of great artists in VA. In fact, we are truly in a hip hop renaissance period in Virginia. Here are 10 that you should definitely check out.

1. Young Crazy

Young Crazy latest release made serious noise. Capturing the attention of Apple Music, OVO Radio, Billboards and more. He has secured a top dog spot for years and held it down by continuously grinding being motivated and making his next move his best move.

Follow Young Crazy @youngcrazy110

2. Young Moe

Young Moe has been a force in the 703 since I first started rapping. He's worked with Kevin Gates, Fat Trel and many others over that time span and is consistently working at an elite level.

His past year has been nothing short of impressive and hoping to see a lot more from him in particularly.

Follow Moe @youngmoe_life

3. Peter $un

Peter $un should be on everyone's list. This guy has been nice as hell for years now and I still feel his potential and talent is under valued. Features with GuapDad 4000 and tracks produced by Blue Rondo have really propelled Peter $un far but his song "Work" off his latest project "Scumbaby" has created some major waves.

One thing about Peter is there will always be dope music coming. This guy is truly a gem in the industry.

Follow Peter @ScummySunny

4. Intalek

Intalek is a vet in this game. Witnessed him from his very early stages grow into a Virginia Icon and 757 legend. Recently, I got to not only witness him perform live at The Contemporary Arts Network (Newport News, VA) I also go to interview him as well.

If anything can be said about 'Lek its his respect for the game and his tenacity. His show mix for "Pusha's Theme" is mind blowing and an ultimate sign of love. Currently, on an album promo tour. Catch Intalek in a city near you.

Follow Intalek @beachboylek

5. Rep!

Rep! (formally known as Reppa Ton) has been busy the last year. Back n forth to LA and crazy collabs with producers such as Andrew Hypes and Nickelus F. He has curated a lot of buzz and is musically inclined. Resemblance of Kendrick Lamar and the freedom of Anderson Paak, this guy is not to be slept on.

Currently, he is working on his next release "It's All Happening" which he says will be dropping late 2020.

Follow Rep! @reppaton

6. Flip Phone Records

I cheated. I fit a label into one pick but the optics keep it so. Fake Uzumi and his team at Flip Phone Records are staying busy! With Lex Lucent coming her first official project and Mack dropping her most recent the team has been constant pressure on the scene.

Uzumi stays busy and between production, videography and records off his own you never know what the crew is working on next. Even rumors of an Andre 3k x Lex Lucent collab coming soon.

Follow Fake Uzumi @fakeUZUMI

7. Blake G

Blake G has not so quietly built a cult like fan base. Between his reply raps which have gone viral multiple times and he has singles like "Can Do" that help build that core as well.

Coming off a collab EP/documentary called "The Where" Blake is gearing up for the outside to open again.

Follow Blake G @blakeG703

8. Smyth Knight

This kid is high caliber. Young, hungry and all the way in. Smyth Knight and his crew Kidz At Play have been working non-stop over the past year especially. Smyth's most recent performance at the Diamond Flea Market was incredible. He really showed why his name has been generating so much buzz.

Innovation and execution will separate Smyth and the Kidz from everyone. Excited to see where they take it next.

Follow Smyth Knight @smythknight

9. Sneeze

Sneeze checked off a bucket list item with his appearance on World Emcee's rap cypher battle and made a statement with a dominating performance. Time and time again he continues to impress with creative visuals, great songs and the energy you'd want from a young emcee.

Plan to see a lot more of Sneeze and his team making their name known in the indie scene.

Follow Sneeze @SneezeMusic

10. Half Cab Jalf

Say the name right. It's Halfcab Jalf (like Ralph Lauren). This kid is really a martian and makes COOL music. No better way to say that. And has been able to transfer the energy from his tracks to stage just as effortlessly.

New projects, new videos, more fly shit.

Follow Jalf @halfcabjalf

11. Fresh Porter

Petersburg Native really hasn't taken his foot off the gas the past year. Coming home from prison and instantly getting active. Fresh has features with Pooh Shiesty, Pusha T, Trey Songz, Kahri 1k, Young Crazy and more on his latest project.

Honestly, I think Fresh Porter is super slept on and def has set new standards for indie/industry artists.

Follow Fresh Porter @portervillebaby

12. Chi Chi The Eternal

Chi Chi is different different. A visionary who had a strong hold in Richmond VA for years with his concerts "The Clash" Series which birthed numerous careers and historic moments for the culture. Chi is not only dominating in RVA but also taking over Tik Tok too.

His last two singles "Choppa or Better" and "Gun of Rambo" have made tremendous waves and have gone viral twice. New videos, more creativity coming from him soon.

Follow Chi Chi @chichitheeternal

13. Al-Doms

Al-Doms had a great impact on the culture this year with his latest release "New Dream" which landed him tons of press and even more love. The emcee has been working for a while to build his presence and its paid off.

Can't wait to see how he follows up his recent collab show with Peter $un at Richmond's The Spot.

Follow Al @al_doms

14. Fly Anakin

Hot 97 Peter Rosenberg isn't the only eye Fly Anakin has caught. Over the years him and Mutant Academy have made their stamp on Virginia Hip Hop Legend.

From collab projects with Pink Siifu to future solo work, Anakin is sure to take even bigger steps.

Follow Fly Anakain @flyanakin

15. TeezySoDope

TeezySoDope has mind control. Watching her perform is proof of that. The 757 artist travels all over the east coast dropping bars and bringing crowds together.

Her most recent project "Point To The Dope" just dropped and is full of dope music.

Follow Teezy @teezysodope

16. Slim Kartel

Slim is an OG. Building his empire brick by brick. Now, not only is his latest single "Cupid Shuffle 2.0" in radio rotation through out the country but also starting his own lifestyle brand "Flite Skool" which is in stores through out the store.

He announced a collab project with viral producer Andrew Hypes and is also shooting a podcast.

Follow Slim @thereal_slimkartel

17. Noah O.

Noah O is a man of many talents. From rap to fashion to business he's been able to uplift the culture for many years. The Filipino artist who has engrained himself in Richmond culture since the early 2000's has reached all across the world with his unique sound.

With the stamp from Sway and the constant pressure I think Noah is gonna be around for awhile.

Follow Noah @chargedupnoah

18. Rap-Unzel

I dont know I just found out about her but wow Rap-Unzel can rap forreal. She's been making moves for a couple years now and her recent single "NEVA" really went crazy like wild fire.

The Chesterfield rapper is destined for greatness and has the bars to prove it.

Follow Rap-Unzel @therap_unzel

19. Rob V

My introduction to Rob V was from a host at a show who introduced him as "the nicest guys you'll hear rap" and he then put on an electric performance to follow it. But besides turning the crowd up he is very adamant about educating the culture and putting substance in his art.

This guy's diversity and pure energy is gonna take him really far.

Follow Rob V @thefakerobv

20. BIG NO

Big No is most improved. Something has snapped in him over the past few years and directly translated to his music and his presence. He's also team up with Clef Major and 3 Way Records to open an elite studio in Richmond, VA.

After dropping "31" with Pooh Shiesty the sky is really the limit.

Follow Big No @iam_northsideno


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