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I didn't put myself so let me start this by saying. To make this you have to be indie in Virginia. This list is in no particular order. Just 10 of the dopest out.

Shout out everyone who is on the list. The rules for the list are, I made the list, who cares.

I have not only seen all these artist working, I've seen them in concert, talked to them, worked with them thru music or creative direction. Discovered them thru other people and word of mouth. I've shot music videos and toured with them but overall just been a fan of what they've grown over the years.

There is a lot of great artists in VA. In fact, we are truly in a hip hop renaissance period in Virginia. Here are 10 that you should definitely check out.

1. Young Crazy

Young Crazy latest release made serious noise. Capturing the attention of Apple Music, OVO Radio, Billboards and more. He has secured a top dog spot for years and held it down by continuously grinding being motivated and making his next move his best move.

Performing July 17th at Mansion Pool Porty: