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Interview: Almira Zaky of NBC's American Song Contest

Updated: May 5, 2022

Almira Zaky is an Indonesian R&B singer and songwriter from Virginia. Her journey as a vocalist began when she would perform to people all around the Metropolitan D.C. area. The VCU alumna would go on to finish her undergrad in Public Relations and Business while booking acts for the university such as Goldlink, Tory Lanez, Masego, and Travis Scott. Almira is the CEO of Boss Records which is an independent record label based in Virginia and Los Angeles.

Earlier in the month, she released her debut EP Learn To Love. It is an eight-track EP that allows fans to reflect with her on experiences that shaped her into the woman she became today. Learn To Love aims to inspire others to love themselves deeply and pursue their purpose. The only feature of the project comes from fellow Virginia native, Peter $un in the song On My Way. Peter's known style of writing hypnotizing verses of grief with an inviting cheerful singing voice perfectly blends with Almira's passionate vocals.

At the top of the month, she announced that she would be representing her home state in NBC's American Song Contest, which premiers on TV on March 21st at 8 pm/7 pm CST. The show works similar to the Eurovision Song Contest, where music acts represent their home countries competing in an Olympic-style musical competition. It is hosted by Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson. Days before the show's inaugural episode, we sat down with the Boss Lady herself to talk music, her upcoming TV debut on March 28th for American Song Contest, and her record label.