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Interview: The Talented Songwriter Vry

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Vry is a singer and songwriter that can be found either in Richmond, Virginia or in A-Town. Like a butterfly, she graces majestically over instrumentals. She may come off as reserved in how she appears but her songs says otherwise. When someone listens to a Vry song, she takes them on a journey through personal traumas, affection, and serenity. With songs like Stay, where she fills the song with transparency in praying for a love she wants and her need for affection, is something very relatable to the general demographic. Her recent singles include the rhythmic song anyone can dance to Up, an electronic melody-filled song What Gangstas Do, and Problems.

Vry has performed in different states the past few years, most notably her second home in Atlanta. She gets so much love for her aura while performing, it can truly be breathtaking. Vry utilizes her performances to soar and release herself from her humble shell with a confident stage presence. TheMSQShop had some time to sit down with her and learn more about her love for Atlanta, discuss prior projects, and favorite performances.

Jay: Explain the songwriting process for Find Me. While I was listening to your discography, that song stood out to me the most for its raw vocals and passionate energy put into expressing your emotions.

Vry: I remember recording it like it was yesterday. I had a traumatic year. I wasn’t ready to be seen, or be loved but the universe sent an unexpected bond from over a decade ago. It was easy, captivating, and felt light and right. Writing Find Me was just like that. As soon as the beat played my heart started talking to him. I didn’t have a process, I just thought I had a soulmate. Someone who reached me in an unreachable place and “turned a black hole into the sun”. Now that I think about it, that friendship was divine timing. It found me; in hiding, slowly but surely helping me step back into the light. Find Me is like a GPS to my ultimate love language, and a bond I’ll never forget.

Jay: Where are some of your favorite cities to perform in?

Vry: ATL off top! That city is full of opportunity, no matter your genre, vibe, or follower count. There is a scene for everyone. Atlanta has shown me the most love when it comes to streaming & supporting live shows, I will forever love the A.

Jay: Do you have any tips for singers that would want to improve their vocals?

Vry: Honestly, I’m still finding ways to improve myself. For me, it’s finding your pocket, studying what inspires you, and applying that in your practice to then step out of your pocket, but still stay authentic. The vocal cords and the realms of creativity are just like your body. Take care of it, use it, stretch it, never stop pushing it past its limits. You won’t know if you have the range or ability to do something until you practice it. Don’t just try once. Practice hitting the notes. Practice the riffs. Work that thing out.

Jay: What was the best no that you have ever received and why?

Vry: All of them! Every single “no” I’ve received was the best for me. No need to give anyone free publicity, but the “yes” would’ve cost me way more than the “no” did. I’m not talking money, I’m talking about my sanity. My peace of mind is non-negotiable, ya know? Plus, I’m a firm believer that “No” is just “a “not yet” or “wait for something better”. I’m sure the universe has a better “no” waiting for me, right before the best “yes” ever.

Jay: What can we expect from Vry in 2022?

If people have to expect something, they can always expect me to do things my way. I honestly don’t want any expectations. I’m taking my time, healing from surgeries, getting prepared for new ones, doing a lot of shadow work to keep my mind healthy. I know it’s not very “productive” of me, but I’m not a product or a machine, I’m a being, wanting to eliminate any narrative that doesn’t align with freedom. Which is literally what Vry means, to be free. I believe the inner work will allow me to create art that people need, not just what they want. Moving with purpose and intent is the real bag, not just showing off. Like Gunna said, “I’m still in my bag, I’m just on other shit”.

Jay: Let’s talk about your likeness for the number seven. From your social media, I see that's your favorite number and your last album is also named Seven. Where does that derive from?

Vry: Seven means the world to me. Now for my album title, it was the number of days I was in a coma. Other connections to that number are very difficult for me to talk about, nevertheless, that number symbolizes life, as well as death for me. It’s been a tote of divine relationships. It’s been my angel number in my “recreation” seasons. Seven represents me, it stands as the bridge between the angel and our world, which is similar to my Gemini, twin energized mind, and my story.

Jay: Who would you like to work with in the future?

Vry: All my friends! Literally. All of my friends are FIRE. The engineer, Mixed by Mooch. Content creator & makeup artist, The Grand-dame Queen Ashley. Brooklyne Baker literally has to direct all my videos. Artists like $lim Dollars, Mothoro, Mikey Polo, Yohannes, Rdfrd, Merk, Ye Ali, Nick Nack Patti Whack, Dub Aura… I could go on for days, I’m getting tracks with all of them! Obviously, I could say Beyonce, Young Thug & the entire YSL, but my friends are legends too! I rather boost them.

Jay: Talk to me about your favorite performance.

Vry: Atlanta in 2020! A 40 Productions and Operations event at Our Bar! It was my first performance after my car accident. I didn’t feel ready, beautiful, or enough. I put my shades on. Hit my blunt. As soon as I held that mic, I realized how inconsiderate my fear was to God, and her miracles. She literally broke me down and recreated me. How dare I hit the stage like the previous version of myself, scared? Hell no. So that performance was like a conversation between me and my miracles, like “I’m here still, what’s up”. I had something to prove. I killed it. Interacted with the audience- which normally brings me so much anxiety but I felt none of that. My prayers were being answered and I needed that moment of freedom and God-fidence.

You can find all of Vry's music here. Follow her on all social media @bevreezy

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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