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Jay Fade Dodges The "Poison" Around Him

Jay Fade returns with his newest single Poison. This is the South Jersey emcee's second single behind his emphatic single Coke Numbers. He describes how he's adapting to adversity and adopting different ways to win when obstacles arise. Jay Fade spits about how he adjusts in the second verse with the lines "This week been getting longer, ... but ain't no weakness in my armor. I'm adjusting, getting stronger... I'm invested I was blessed with something different as a child, people called it crazy and now they look and say "really how?". You can't tell me what your eyes can see, I'm sitting in the driver's seat..." The chorus paints an image of looking in the mirror and weighing out the choices you have to make in hard times.

The TyGotCam shot visual compliments the song with chilling shots and dark contrasts that take you into Jay's world. There isn't much light around Jay, so he has to make that light through his work ethic to dodge the poison that comes with the darkness.

Keep up to date with the Jersey rapper on Instagram @twofiveos and Twitter @JAY_FADE

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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