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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Whether is behind a microphone or a camera, Dyfferant does it all in unique ways living up to her name. Richmond, Virginia is where you can catch her creating whatever she wants. Dyfferant flows are unmatched as she can transition between singing and rapping effortlessly.

Switching back and forth between roles can be tough, but it's a measure of her character and desire to set herself apart. Overcoming the challenges of being a female videographer and emcee has only made her a more fierce competitor. Never backing down from a challenge has made her resilient.

From my looks to the way I think you would catch a vibe but, a vibe only that you can get from me. That’s why I went with the name Dyfferant, it’s nothing similar about me.

Her journey started long ago as a singer in her childhood and she eventually grew into the world of Hip-Hop. She credits her musical influences to life experiences - and wanting to be a vampire fairy.

Now, she is back to her roots of singing and blending it with her music. Her latest single ZOOM, a song she wrote about herself, had the entire team in awe as she worked her way through our Quesday workshop at theMSQshop. Dyfferrant does well at tackling the things she needs to figure out and praise herself for throughout life and in her smooth lyrics.

Usually (create a song) by myself with candles and incense lit, a few shots of liquor, and depending on if I’m singing or rapping that depends on how I come up with a vibe or flow of the song. I’ll completely space out... almost immediately in the first few seconds if the beat fits my mood at that moment.

Her songs are usually messages to herself. She's not afraid to say what's on her mind because she feels most people think it already but are afraid to say how they truly feel or open up about personal experiences.

She is currently creating a visual for Zoom with theMSQshop team and her album Blk Sky Yellow is slated to drop soon. The album is meant to give you late-night vibes as if you were driving around the city at 3 am. Her biggest aspiration with music is that she can make someone feel understood in relation to her music.

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