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Nathaniel Essayas Does What He "Wanna" On Latest Single!

Nathaniel Essayas is a twenty-one-year-old R&B artist who was born in Ethiopia but raised in Canada. Nathaniel recently released a new single titled Wanna, which is available now on all streaming platforms. If you believe in manifestation, this song, and a lot of other songs Nathaniel writes are just that: Manifestations. For this reason, this song became a bit of a prayer for him. While writing Wanna, Nathaniel talked about things he wanted to do as if he had already done them, and he talked about things he wanted to have as if he already had them.

In the song, Nathaniel mentions working in the studio all night as if he was homeless (this was before he even had a studio). Luckily, those lyrics couldn’t be more true today. All of Nathaniel's songs are prayers and manifestations at their core: "I’m hand crafting my reality through my music."

Check Out Nathaniel Essayas's Website And Stream "Wanna" HERE!


Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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