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Omni's Newest Single "WILLIE" Out Now & Featured On "DOPEBOYS!"

Omni is an alternative rap group from Calhoun, Georgia. The group consists of three members: Dawvro (producing and vocals), Jswvnk (vocals), and Jovaughn Simmons (engineering and vocals). The group gains inspiration from various outlets, but their vibe can be compared to artists like BROCKHAMPTON.

The crew embodies the "do it yourself" approach of indie artists. Every music video, promotion, and song is organic and shot independently by them. Omni's new single, Willie, is a fun and fast paced song that listeners are bound to get addicted to. The beat and lyrics are just so hype!

Coincidentally, Omni's newest album, DOPEBOYS, dropped a couple days ago!

Be sure to stream WILLIE and the rest of DOPEBOYS HERE!

FOLLOW OMNI ON INSTAGRAM: @watchthespectrum

Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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