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Our Producer Of The Week is 24 year old Richmond native Lil G (AKA Lil G On The Track)! Lil G boasts production credits for artists such as THood,, Luh Kiddo, Willtharapper, La Socket, Ice Wear Vezzo, FNF Chop, & much more. Additionally, he showcases his work on his Instagram account which maintains over 32K followers! If anyone is looking for a motivated producer to work with, check out Lil G's beats for sale. Now let's get to know Lil G!

Vy: How did you begin your journey as a producer?

Lil G: It all started with my homeboy Kee Money, who is another music producer. He taught me how to make beats and showed me how to work FL Studio software all from his house. I got fascinated with it and it was a wrap from there.

"It’s like we became pioneers of the rap scene here in Richmond Virginia." - Lil G

Vy: After becoming a producer, how did you manage to build up your name and reputation?

Lil G: The way I came up and built my name off of my beats was just by sending beats to almost every artist within the Richmond, Virginia area. At the same time, I started to become better at beat-making while marketing myself and building my resume off of local artists, which then gained me traction in the area. As years go on, I manage to still go hard with it.

Vy: How long have you been in this industry?

Lil G: I've been going at it for over 10 years ever since my bro Kee Money taught me how to make beats. He basically made me a legend, so I’ll always thank him for the gift.

Vy: Briefly describe your work process.

Lil G: My work process has changed over the years. At first, I used to try and cook up as much beats as I can. I would say like 10 beats a day! Nowadays, I just cook up here and there. So if I make 2-5 beats today, I probably won’t make any more beats until a few days later. It’s all about pacing yourself and giving yourself a breather.

Lil G was actually recommended to me by NayG, our previous Producer Of The Week candidate! It was so awesome being able to get to know Lil G, and I admire his work process and dedication the most. After doing this for ten years, you can still feel Lil G's motivation and love for his work. Be on the lookout for Lil G On The Track!



Written by Vy Truong, @avocavy on IG

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