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Radio "Blitz" His Way Through Competition In New EP

The owner of Southpaw Battle Coalition and RVA Rap Elite Radio B returned back to putting out music with a three-track EP Blitz. Before Radio B was known as his current name, the B is short for his first rap name, Blitz. With all that he does currently from maintaining a monthly cypher platform, a battle rap league, creating clothes after his mother's artworks, he creatively is aware that all of what he handles still centers around his primary passion of music. Radio had three different producers for the project from Andrew Hypes to F5 Productions and Crummie Beats.

With the spirit of fellow Virginia native and "King of The Blitz", Lawrence Taylor, Radio pours his heart into the three-track EP. On First Line, Radio makes references to many Richmond artists, buildings, and brands like T.R.I.G., Chilalay, Earl Mack, Phillip Morris, and murals in the River City. Those references are tied into stories of what Radio has experienced within the past year personally and professionally. In 90s Rap Cosplay, Radio opens the song with lines such as "I heard y'all been praying to the rap gods, I only know because your prayers came across my desk. Pardon me at times, I get lost in my flesh, but not only do I manifest, I talk it the best. I walk with a vision, talk with precision of course it's a mission, fools didn't skip school, you got lost in admission. You can bask in that truancy, claiming congruency but not a single angle is the same between you and me..." The song itself focuses on how people will wear certain emotions to hide true demeanors and how one should stay true to their own style. The opening lines of the second verse focused on how gimmicks can change people like what happened when Owen Hart changed to the Blue Blazer (extra-long story short, the wrestler died after changing his gimmick to the Blue Blazer in a freak wrestling accident in 1999).

Blitz is a small reminder that Radio can still rap with the people that grace his platforms. Not only that, it is a sign of more to come this year from what many locals in Richmond call the Jay-Z of Richmond due to paving way for many people.

Stream Blitz here on Spotify and keep up to date with Radio on all social media @RadioBlitz

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.


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