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Interview: Rapper Sonnie Babble

Sonnie Babble is a rapper/engineer out of San Bernardino, California. Ever since he was twelve years old, Sonnie has had aspirations of becoming a rapper. His main influence was seeing his dad in the studio making songs. He looks up to his dad and their connection with music made him want to be a dope rapper. After his father's passing, Sonnie took a leap of faith to pursue music as passionately as his father. Nowadays, Sonnie can be found cooking with some of the Inland Empire's finest artists in his home studio.

When asked about some of his inspirations, Sonnie said that his two inspirations along with his dad are Lil Wayne and Eminem. Sonnie also has a unique way of his creative process similar to Lil Wayne's. This process is freestyling, but repeating catchy things. This writing process keeps Sonnie's mind fresh with bars and concepts for songs. He also channels his love for anime when it comes to writing songs.

"Anime like Dragon Ball Z reminds me so much of the grind and journey artist have to take. To get that level where they want to be at." - Sonnie Babble

In Dame Time with Jay Kasai, the two rappers display sharp penmanship. Sonnie provides a braggadocious approach to this song, stating his claim as an I.E. legend in his area. It reminds me of watching Dame play in the fourth quarter.

In Point of View the music video along with the song. Is so inspiring, He absolutely destroys this dope beat while giving listeners his point of view in life. I really enjoyed this track a lot from the soulful chop to his confident delivery. It's one of my favorites in his catalog.

His latest single, Buster, with Dudadamnthang reminds me of recent Detroit songs. It's heavy with punchlines and they give it a West Coast pop to it. I definitely see this as a summer track.

Sonnie's last album release was back in 2019. DV3 was a ten-track project that gave his fans bangers and different perspectives on his life. A stand-out track to me is the record Grind. He puts care and love into his craft, and it shows with every track on this project. I appreciate the effort he puts into his music.

He plans on dropping a new project in Late May known as Tower of Babylon. He said he has more dope records and bars to give to his fans. He's also a beast at engineering his own songs. He wants to be more of a jack of all trades when it comes to his artistry. He said he learned from his big homie OhGoshLeotus. He sharpened his engineering ear to help create clear, sharp records with pointers from OhGosh and dabbling in mixing videos on YouTube. As he ascends in the music industry, I brought up some people he would love to collab with on a song. Sonnie also has a studio for artist in his area to come to record, and mix their music.

"I kind of wanted to give artists more of a spotlight in my region, that's what made me really get into engineering".- Sonnie Babble

Justin: What's your dream feature, or five artists you want to work with?

Sonnie: Kyle, Owl Pharaoh Travi$ Scott, Joell Ortiz, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West.

I also, brought who were five independent artists he wants to shout out right now.

Sonnie: Doggystyleeee, $tvo, Dudadamthang, Jay Kasai, and D9tharuler

Sonnie can be found on Instagram and Twitter. His music can be found on all platforms.

Written by: Justin Keesee. @madejustintime_

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