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Young Flexico Brings In A "Big Dawg Christmas"

Richmond creative Young Flexico decided to flex on the holidays and possibly became the first Richmond, Virginia rapper to drop a Christmas album. In true signature Flexico fashion, he glides over trap beats like Santa and his reindeer over houses across the world, dropping his signature "yah, aye" adlibs over his lyrics.

With catchy songs like Jingle Bell Glock, Feliz Navidad Aye, and Mrs. Claus, Big Dawg Christmas is a refreshing twist to holiday albums and takes listeners back to the days where albums like A Dipset Christmas and Christmas On Death Row closed out the fourth quarter on a strong note. The last track, Jubilee, features Richmond, Virginia artist and engineer Michael Millions.

Flexico is also performing with D.R.A.M., Fishskale Rabble, Al-Doms, and more on the 16th in Virginia Beach. Click here for more info.

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Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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