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5 Indie Artists Who Should Be On HOT 97's "Who's Next"

The famous New York-based platform HOT 97 promotes upcoming artists with their Who's Next platform. Their upcoming event on October 26th will feature Armani White (who just performed with Pusha T in Richmond, VA on the 22nd), Young Devyn, and Swavay. Who's Next has a legacy of kickstarting artists' careers. Some of their past performers include Cardi B, The Weeknd, Drake, Meg Thee Stallion, J. Cole, and more. It truly is an opportunity to see who's next.

We here at theMSQshop covered indie artists in the past that has gone on to sign with major record labels such as Fly Anakin and FNF Chop before their respective deals with LexxRecords and RCA. The writers and editors here at MSQ think these five artists should be the ones who are next.

Sonnie Babble

The San Bernardino native is a young prodigy championed for his consistent work ethic and versatility. His latest feature was on the song Fright Night off of Cam Archer's El Guapo III EP. Babble's latest album, Tower of Babylon, showed how he tore down the walls he kept up from the public about his personal battles. Inspired by his father's passion for music, Sonnie puts on for the Inland Empire region with an unmatched passion.

Listen to his live performance of Fantastic 4 from the TOB album. It's an emphatic performance as he raps under the billboard that stood tall in the heart of his city for months.

Sonnie Babble can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Rudy Walker

The Baltimore, Maryland native turned Richmond, VA resident began singing at eight years old and recording at thirteen. His musical talents earned him scholarships for professional vocal lessons where he trained under Laurie Vicaro of the Lyric Opera. The Maryland State boy Choir alum was in the Baltimore School for The Arts' T.W.I.G.S. Program. He began releasing music in 2015 with his single titled Dance All Night and has been releasing music every year since 2019.

He has a new single dropping on November 4th called Actions, which will be out on all streaming platforms. Check out his previous single I Wanna Luv Ya below and see him perform at the grand opening of MYCNTR powered by theMSQshop on November 4th.

He can be found on all social media @itsrudywalker

3rdBase Biggs

3rd Base Biggs is a Harlem rapper known for his blunt demeanor within his lyrics and gritty street sound. Influenced first by 50 Cent and his Get Rich or Die Trying album, Biggs found that he could relate to most of what was taking place inside and outside of 50’s lyrics. Eventually when Biggs found himself “jumping off the porch”, Max B’s music became Biggs’ theme music while he was figuring life out.

He had several releases this year such as the Black Winter mixtape in January, the Trappin' single in August, and his DLC EP. He has an upcoming release in January, LCE (Life Changing Event) coming in January.

Instagram: @3rdbasebiggs


The California-based emcee has roots in the Empire State of New York. His New York dialect blends well with his lavish talk to deliver one solid project after another. Like his wrestling influences, Reckle$$ talks with the bravado of any of the New World Order members Kevin Nash or Scott Hall, and blends that with the Bret Hart-like precision of piecing features and tracks together to give a technical body of work.

He recently released a remastered version of The Pink Jacket Tape EP with producer Rodie Beats that reflects his technical rhyming skills.

He can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

Dell B.

The Richmond, Virginia rapper demolishes beats like the monstrous ape he proclaims himself to be. His deep smooth voice provides a gravitational tone for listeners to tune into his slick talk. His latest single This HIM displays that blend of raw lyrics and confidence. He is a frequent artist featured on theMSQshop for his strong work ethic.

Living up to its title, his recent project Ape & Blues please the fans of vintage samples over heavy-hitting percussion.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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