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Cam Archer Is More Than His "Potential"

Potential by Cam Archer is a song focused on being aware while living in the moment. The opening lines are a thesis statement that tells you what the song is about seconds in "Durag cape all in the wind, I submitted to the sin, mmhmm. Ass thick, waist slim, Porsche body and them rims, mmhmm." When asked about the goal of the video, Cam said this: "The main goal of this was just to enjoy creating and evoke that feeling of freedom."

Based on the work with the director A Devon Johnson, that goal was truly accomplished. Cam can be seen riding around the Inland Empire rapping bars as smooth as his golden durag. At one point, there are two different Cam's rapping about how some queens only want him for his potential rather than what he is at the moment.

There are some notable bars in the song that paints how notable Cam is. In the latter half of Potential, Cam raps: "flashiest catch 'em cashing in like CM Punk and I ain't leaving rations, I just Pipe Bomb watch the chain reaction. We go too hard, we don't do relaxing. Say you rock Balenciaga, why you capping? Them kicks was $50 bro what happened? In Hollywood, you thing I got a SAG card, Cam Archer with another actress." Compared to his previous works, I say this is as melodic as one of his singles last year, Advance. His single is out on all streaming platforms [click here]. Learn more about the Inland Empire native from our past interview.

@CamArcher on all social media. Follow the producer Oh Gosh Leotus and the director on all social media @OhGoshLeotus and @ADeVonJohnson

Written by: Jay Guevara @justinhisprime on all social media.

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