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Interview: Grammy Nominated Producer Nabeyin

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Nabeyin is a Ghanaian producer born and raised in San Bernardino, California. He has a mass array of producing credits for the likes of Live 95 with Westside Boogie, Nothing Into Somethings by Drake, and Get MyStaccs by G Perico. Recently, he got his first Grammy nomination for his production on Heaven and Hell off of Ye's album Donda. Nabeyin specializes in having an urban sound and is a multi-platinum music producer that also worked with networks like BET and ESPN. His most recent producing credit was for Yo Gotti's Strapped In Calabasas off the Free Game project.

Jay: Who are some indie artists and producers that you would like to shout out? Nabeyin: I want to shout my O.E. family (Jay Kasai, Joe Sweatpants, Cam Archer, CJ Westley), my PTF fam, and my dawg Will Claye. We got a crazy project coming soon!

Jay: Describe your relationship with OhGosh Leotus. You two worked on numerous tracks with each other including collaborations on The Other Side from Dom Kennedy's latest project From The Westside With Love Three. How would co-producing work between y'all?

Nabeyin: Working with Oh Gosh is like working with my better half. Out of all the producers I’ve collaborated with, he’s definitely my favorite. It’s actually crazy how in sync we are when we work together. Honesty, it’s just something you have to witness in person. We really don’t miss. Now it’s just a matter of time before the world catches up to us.

Jay: Now that you’re Grammy-nominated, what does that mean for you and the Inland Empire region in California? Nabeyin: To me, being Grammy-nominated is a big deal because of my background. Most African kids don’t have a choice of what they want to do in life because their parents tell them they have to go to school to be doctors, nurses, engineers, or lawyers. A lot of African parents don’t really agree with having jobs in the music industry because it’s not always sustainable living. I feel like I’m becoming the example that shows it’s possible to make it in the industry and be successful if you want not bad enough and work hard for it. As far as the IE goes, Hit-Boy already set the standard high. Now that I’m another person from the IE nominated, it definitely feels more attainable.

Jay: When we talked on FeelGoodRVA about artists you want to work with, you said "I NEED records with Xzibit and Busta Rhymes FOR SURE! I already got a placement with Nas, who’s my favorite rapper ever, so once I have those two, I don't care who I produce for after that." Why those two artists in particular? Nabeyin: Busta Rhymes Woo Ha! Got You All In Check was the first hip-hop song I ever heard. So he immediately became my favorite rapper off top. Xzibit became my next favorite rapper and is still my favorite west coast rapper when I heard Paparazzi in the 5th grade. Jay: How was it like working with Kanye West and his team for DONDA?

Nabeyin: I wouldn’t know. Boogz took the idea I did with Wallis Lane and he worked on it with Ye and his team. Jay: If you can give any up-and-coming producers on advice in fine-tuning their craft, what would it be? Nabeyin: If you really want to do this, do it EVERY DAY. Actually, put it in the time. If you’re only in it for the money, you won’t last long. There’s no longevity in doing things solely for the money instead of doing them for the love.

Jay: Who is a producer that you would want to work with in the future? Nabeyin: There are definitely a few producers I want to work with. I definitely want to work with Cardo, Cam O’bi, Pharrell, and Boi-1da.

You can follow Nabeyin on all social media @nabeyin

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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