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Interview: World Emcee Rapper Habeeb

Habeeb is an emcee and battle rapper from Richmond, Virginia. To just categorize him as those things would be a mistake on my part. He is a young educated black artist that graduated from Syracuse University and meshed plenty of his Richmond origins with things learned from university to share his stories in different forms of media, in most particular with performing. He has been featured on World Emcee with other Southpaw Battle Coalition rappers like Cane, King Fizzle, Henny L.O., and recording artists Illa Styles and O-Z.

Habeeb has a solid resume for his battle rap career battling Smack URL alum like Radio B, Xcel, and Madface along with battling Southpaw brethren such as Henny L.O. and Breeze The Poet twice. I had the opportunity to learn more about his views of the local music and battle rap scenes as well as learning his creative origins.

Jay: How did you being writing?

Habeeb: I began writing after getting a composition book from my cousin. The first rap in the book was about a breakup. I was freestyling prior to then.