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Interview: Pop Star Aye Sincere

Aye Sincere doesn't consider himself a rapper, but a pop star from San Bernandino. He is a musician that loves to experiment with various melodies and upbeat instrumentals. Ever since he was fourteen years old, he has been involved in the local music scene performing at open mics, hosting toy drives, holding private film screenings with his friends from the SoundFlick Podcast, and finding unique ways to constantly show love to his community. His work with the PayDay LA platform involves marketing, stage management, and event coordination. Sincere managed events for the platform at Los Angeles venues such as The Virgil and Resident. As a performer, Sincere has done numerous tours with the likes of Murs, Noa James, and Isaiah Rashad.

His latest release was the Love/Lust Remix with Xian Bell. Love/Lust Remix tells the tale of finding a balance between being in love with someone and being in lust with someone. Sincere's vocals blend well with Xian's transparency on how much he needs his woman. It is a display of Sincere's growth in singing from his last project, the Jaded Pink EP. His saying "Be Sincere" means he encourages all the people who listen to his music to be sincere in all that they do; pursue their dreams and goals no matter how big or small they are.

Justin: What made you get into rapping?

Sincere: So, growing up my dad would have a lot of mixtapes and compilation CDs he would listen to. He would play a lot of G-Unit, so that's where hip-hop became an influence for me sonically. My dad was also a part of the local hip-hop scene as a battle rapper. Like father, like son.

Aye Sincere's recent project Jaded Pink EP allowed him to showcase his versatile, and creative skills. He has this one song called Marie that is a highlight of the EP. It's different, groovy, and refreshing.

Justin: I listed to your Jaded Pink EP. A song that caught my attention was Marie. I love the song and music video. Can you tell me what came to mind as you were creating the song?

Sincere: First off, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the song and visual. Marie is actually my favorite song I've ever written and the first song I ever really created a brand from. When I do pop-up events I call it Marie's Flower Shop and sell merchandise along with sunflowers. Marie is an actual person. Definitely one of my first loves and someone who helped with my growth as a person.

Marie is one of those names that everyone has. I'm sure we all know someone whose middle name is Marie. Back in 2016, I actually wrote her the song and wanted to give it to her as a birthday gift. We stopped talking and it never happened. So, while creating the EP, I showed Nabeyin the rough draft. He expanded on it and created the final version of Marie.

Via Shoutout LA

Expanding on his creative process when it comes to creating music, Aye Sincere says his creative process is all over the place only because he listens to all types of music. He's an artist that doesn't like to be pigeontoed. He mainly considers himself a concept artist. He can create and reimagine the world sonically in his music.

"When the writing is very intricate and well thought into the concept, I am building for myself and the listener."- Aye Sincere

Justin: What's your favorite project or song that you've done so far?

Sincere: Jaded Pink is hands down my favorite project because I tackled my entire range as an artist. It's a 4 song EP, from spoken word to rapping with Nabeyin who produced the entire project. Nicklaus Gray was the engineer for it. Marie is for sure my favorite song I've made.

Aye Sincere has a project coming out this year titled Superbloom. It's important for him to make timeless music that can cater to any demographic. I asked him who was in his type five rappers of all time and who holds the GOAT title in rap.

Sincere: As of right now? My top five in no particular order are 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Drake, and Fabolous. As for the GOAT? Kendrick holds that record for me and has for quite some time.

Sincere knows the grind of being an independent artist. He appreciates everyone's that's ever been around him. The struggle to go after your dreams can be hard.

Justin: Do you have any five independent artists you want to shout out?

Aye Sincere: I'd like to shout out my brother Noa James. I've learned so much from him. Cam Gnarly. He is one of my friends and someone who's inspired me to create freely. Triune of UNO Entertainment. Triune has done so much for me personally and professionally. Richard Blacksher. he's not only my pianist. He's one of the most knowledgeable individuals I know. He is an amazing composer/songwriter. Lastly my OG, Propaganda. Prop has given me so many gems and has shown me how to build organically rather than taking certain routes and putting myself into a bubble. I'm very grateful for all of these gentlemen as artists and friends.

You can listen to the Jaded Pink EP on all streaming platforms. Feel free to buy some of his merchandise. Follow Aye Sincere on Instagram @ayesincere and on Twitter @Aye_Sincere

Written by: Justin Keesee @madejustintime_ on Instagram

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