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Moodyy, Tune GG, and Young Iroh Drops A Lively Banger In "Let's Do"

Richmond, Virginia artists Moodyy, Tune GG, and Young Iroh presents a lively banger in their song Let's Do. The trio of artists raps about living in the moment and being free with their woman of interest. The catchy hook "anything you want, let's do" is guaranteed to stay in people's heads as they dance the night away. Young Iroh provides a fast-paced rapping cadence while Moodyy and Tune GG provides distinctive singing vocals that make the song feel even livelier.

Co-videographers The King Image and Moodyy capture the ambiance of the song in a well-shot video with perfect cerulean lighting to bring out the nighttime vibes. Tune GG produced and engineered the track. There are cameos from different creatives in the Virginia and DC music scene such as Aia, QAriK, The Stuttering Poet, Woo Dinero, and Jonny Martien.

Stream the song on all platforms by visiting

Follow the artists on Instagram: @kingxmoodyy @tunegg @young_iroh

Written by: Jay Guevara. @justinhisprime on all social media.

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